Ear Candles By Choice

A natural product for a natural outcome to natural issues!

Welcome to Ear Candles By Choice (NZ)


Ear Candles By Choice (NZ) is a Double D Works Ltd division. We established it too offer others the same ear candles that provided family members with positive results.

After much time testing ear candles through personal use, we came to know good ear candles from the rest. For reasons such as comfort and fit, beeswax [as opposed to paraffin; a petroleum-based product], unbleached cotton muslin, the diameter, length and shape. In our experience the general construction of ear candles play a part in defining a good candle from the rest. We also considered cost however it was secondary to the functional factors.

Please note,

That said, some will disagree with our findings given around two decades of using and providing this product. Experience says those wanting to use ear candles will, while others who don’t agree with the practice won’t. This is regardless of what one reads within this site or anywhere else for that matter. One thing’s for sure, those who don’t try something for themselves will certainly never get a result, positive or otherwise.

Living in a box isolated from certain experiences…

Whether ear candles work or not, those who don’t believe in them may or may not fall into certain categories.

There are those who create issues for the hell of it, because they have nothing better to do. For example internet trolls who post comments at various locations. They often do this under more than one name to spark a reaction and cause problems.

There are those who’ll never give things a chance because they simply don’t care to try. Potentially while based on something they don’t understand and don’t care too. Certain occupations/lifestyles may shape a decision re using or refusing.

Next there are organisations such as the ASA or FDA. In this situation stuff typically must fit into boxes to qualify as something. Given such it will be about a legal something for a legal someone; IE a regulated controlled Item for a legal entity such as a person and or a citizen.

Catering for Everyone!

Whether you tend to want things to fit into boxes or generally object to such altogether. Who’d you tend to believe’s more inclined to use Ear Candles? Those who opt to use something considered unconventional, right?

Ironically someone who believes in restrictions of choice claimed content of this site was misleading so we rewrote it. Can’t have uninformed people, potentially those who palm off responsibility of their health to others taking content out of context. Apparently it’s necessary to make sure everyone’s safe from themselves given some believe others aren’t capable of making rational decisions. Believe it or not, this is a legal requirement.

Apparently some believe others can’t take a point of view presented somewhere and weigh it up for what it is. Then cross-reference it and make an informed decision based on ones own research using common sense. It appears some only accept and see things from one side, when everything has at least two. So should we regulate everything that some don’t understand? That will fix everything! Right?

Regulate or Right?

As with many things, ear candling is a personal experience, some get results while others may not. For example its much like believing in religion. Some believe in a God and others don’t, some are pro gay rights, while others aren’t. Just as some see a benefit from ear candling, others may not. Who is anyone to say someone did or didn’t experience something. If someone’s doing something good, bad or otherwise the person’s doing it’s going to know more than someone who isn’t.

What if we were to compare ear candling, considered spiritual by some, while others claim it’s plain dangerous. Versus religion considered spiritual by some and yet out right dangerous according to others. Does that mean all religion is the same and needs regulating to fit into a box, or outlawed altogether?

Some may agree while others would say otherwise. One either believes in something or they don’t and that is the prerogative of each person, is it not? It certainly appears the case by what we see in New Zealand. Here at Double D Works Ltd we believe in freedom of choice, hence the reason for being called “Ear Candles By Choice“.

Judge and Jury!

Whose right and or who’s wrong is of course an issue to some degree no matter what the topic. The most important thing in our view however is whether it’s something that works for you. If it’s an approach you would like to practice, regularly or otherwise, then so be it. Shouldn’t that be your choice to make?

If as far as you’re concerned, it works or may work over time, then keep doing it. Whether it be ear candling or not, if you don’t agree, then it’s okay not to do it also. It makes little to no difference to anyone but the one doing whatever the subject is. If you don’t like or believe in ear candling, you’re free to leave, that’s your prerogative, no hard feelings. We just ask you read the following paragraph before you go!

Believe it or not!

We offer these ear candles because we believe in the product, given our family had positive results. That is the primary reason! Secondly, we have never sold a single Item that we have not personally used ourselves and had benefits from. It’s an ethical issue for us. We believe if everyone followed this principle, all consumers would win while creating a better commercial environment.


We wrap each pair of ear candles to both look good and for transport reasons. The main aim being on protecting the ear candles, while providing them in a tidy presentable package for resale etc. We add other protection such as bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard and or shredded paper etc during transport.

We include instructions with each wrapped pair of ear candles, which are a direct copy of the brief. If you lose your instructions know that they’re also online as a backup source of that info. More reasons why we offer ear candles are found here.

In Summary

Use your powers of observation and either use this product or don’t. It’s your choice.