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A natural product for a natural outcome to natural issues!

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Ear Candles By Choice is a division of Double D Works Ltd (NZ) and was created to provide others with the same ear candles that provided family members with positive benefits.

After considerable time testing ear candles through personal use, we came to know a good ear candle from the others and for a number of reasons, such as comfort and therefore fit, beeswax (as opposed to paraffin; a petroleum based product), unbleached cotton muslin (which are both natural), the diameter, length and shape, along with the general construction of each ear candle which plays a part in defining a difference from our experience. Cost was also considered.


Ear candling is believed by many to have been used to remedy a number to things and for many years now. Some even believe that the candling process has been used for over five thousand years and that some ancient cultures used a process described as coning. Cone shaped instruments made from pottery clay were apparently used (and other such natural means) to rid the body of sprits and toxins and the like. Note that there are others who say this is not true.


Ear Candles By Choice are long hollow tubes of pure unbleached cotton muslin coated with beeswax. The manufacturer uses only bee wax of an acceptable standard, based on years of production. They also do not use paraffin. Paraffin is a petroleum based product, not natural unlike the beeswax and cotton muslin used.


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