Ear Candles By Choice - Why

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Why Ear Candling? Find Out Here!

History or Fantasy?

Ear candling is believed by many to have been used to remedy a number to things and for many years now. Some even believe that the candling process has been used for over five thousand years and that some ancient cultures used a process described as coning. Cone shaped instruments made from pottery clay were apparently used (and other such natural means) to rid the body of sprits and toxins and the like. Note that there are others who say this is not true.

Gossip or Trustworthy?

After twenty plus years online, browsing any number of topics, from all over the internet on numerous sites, social media platforms, forums and the like, one comes across a heap of info, some rather amusing comments by plenty of folk and on stuff such as ear candles. When it comes to candling, some slam things like the whole vacuum concept by saying its outright impossible for any such thing to happen, while actual users post results that imply the candles may in fact remove water, wax and or foreign material. We cant speak for you but its pretty clear to us who we would tend to believe, given the choice.

Real or Imagined?

Views like it go on all over the internet and likely play some part in how many relate to ear candling or whatever else the subject matter may be. Would you generally go by what someone who uses or does something for ages tell you, or someone who hasn't really had any experience on the topic in question? We believe that its like comparing asking someone in an occupation other than the legal profession for legal advice, when clearly they aren't a lawyer and have little to no real experience on the subject, or a doctor for legal advice and or visa versa etc etc. We know who we would believe first and foremost. Whatever you choose is of course your choice.

Ridiculous or Believable?

Is it really that ridiculous to think a candle removes water or wax or something else when users claim this sort of thing? Perhaps they may create a vacuum of a sort? We believe those that use ear candles long term are very likely to say this, whether its fundamentally provable or not and that should be their right. We believe people are generally not stupid and while there are no guarantees of any sort implied here, people appear to get results they like or they wouldn't use them as a lifestyle choice or otherwise, or would they?

Hypothetical or Impressive?

If the numbers of ear candles sold world-wide could be located online in one place and therefore provided here via a counter, we would do just that and we strongly believe that if we could, it would be a fairly impressive number. We also believe that it could make some rational people wonder how anyone gets such results and repeat custom when nothing could be more ridiculous in their view. What do you believe? That is what's really important here, not what others think. Is it not?

Ear Ache and Infections?

Some claim ear candles help ear infections, ear aches and more. Our reason for use was motivated primarily by children and the problems they face. While we have had positive outcomes from our experience, that doesn't mean everyone else will. Each case is different, even if its much the same thing. We would however suggest that candling while pain is present from an infection is potentially unwise. Yet this may not always be the case when there is a mild to medium infection with little to no pain. If in doubt, don't use ear candles! Its 100% your choice, naturally.

Giggle or Gag?

Yeast infections called candida can cause a mold/yeast allergy which in turn causes itching inside the ear according to some. We have no direct experience with this and are not at all sure if those that claim such are actually looking at an ear (cough), though they may be if that's what they say and believe, I guess. Whatever floats ones boat.

Swimmers Ear, is there such a thing?

Apparently there is according to numerous medical sites and is also known as "otitis externa" which is caused by an infection. One of the main functions of the ear canal is to protect the middle ear from infection and entry of foreign objects. Sound familiar? Those that can relate may or may not complain of pain. Some claim candling can help relieve the build up of pressure which drives this pain. That said, ear candling may work for you or it may not. Who really knows, unless one tries! Right?

Syringing or Candling?

Apparently a few holistic doctors in the U.S. have shifted over to ear candling from irrigation techniques called syringing and this may be completely false however this does tie in with what we experienced on the other side of the world in New Zealand where it certainly appeared that for a period doctors were reluctant to carry out syringing. We were told by one doctor that it was to aggressive for long term use. Whether doctors still think that today may have changed however this was yet another reason why ear candles became our choice, hence the name "ear candles by choice".

Eustachian tube and Otis Media?

Ear aches has been attributed by some to be caused by mucus blown into the ear from the Eustachian tube. Ear candling may or may not relieve any discomfort. If excess ear wax blocks the ear (and or any number of other possibilities), it may cause pressure to build. If left unresolved this may result in what's known as Otis Media.

Children up to and around the age of eight years or thereabout are susceptible to ear related problems, like ear ache, infections and excess wax. Ear infections are common in children because their eustachian tubes are shorter, narrower and more horizontal than in adults, making the movement of air and fluid difficult. Bacteria can become trapped when the tissue of the eustachian tube becomes swollen from colds or allergies. Bacteria trapped in the eustachian tube may produce an ear infection in the surrounding area that can in turn push on the eardrum causing it to become red, swollen, and sore.

Otitis media is commonly known as a problem and can cause bone breakdown in the middle ear, which in short is due to a pressure built up (often from a blocked Eustachian tube), allowing the infection to build strength causing the membrane to rub up against the ossicles. Such a situation must be remedied or hearing loss can certainly take place, as these bones are required for hearing.

Do nothing or do what it takes?

It is imperative that such a condition is rectified as soon as possible, ask any doctor and or specialist for that matter. Ear Candling may be an option. Candles may or may not be helpful when used in conjunction with traditional methods, such as during the waiting time prior to an operation. Its perhaps helpful to work with medical advisers and or use candles providing it is acceptable to do so in your particular circumstance.

This is what we did for our youngest daughter and it potentially saved her from invasive surgery. Despite the fact that by this time she was around the age the problem is known to subside, after witnessing the amount of ear wax like looking material along with how she was before and after, it seems probable to us that candling may have played some part in helping to remedy the problem, even if it wasn't the outright reason.


This site or info within is no guarantee ear candling removes ear wax or deposits of any sort. It also does not mean or imply that ear candles are a miracle cure for anything or that they will work in your circumstance or that it won't work for that matter. It is very much a personal experience. Candling may work for some and not for others. It has for us and it may for you. Who can say however if you want an answer, you'll find it eventually.